Things from ​Egypt ​and Beyond

About the Artist

Things from Egypt and Beyond LLC is not currently offering items for sale. Sales will resume toward the end of 2022.


Things from Egypt and Beyond LLC, operates as a home-based, by appointment business selling an eclectic collection of Egyptian, Middle Eastern, and other international, unique, and functional handicrafts from small workshops and charitable organizations. The collection includes beaded and embroidered handbags, accessories, and scarves; ceramics; alabaster; glassware and stemware; rugs; greeting cards; decorations; gifts; gold and glass Christmas ornaments and perfume bottles -- with Pharaonic, Coptic Christian, Islamic, and Middle Eastern/oriental design influences. The mission of the business is to celebrate Egypt and other countries and cultures and to assist artisans not usually represented in retail.


Eleanor Landstreet and her family moved to Takoma Park in 1990 with an eight-year gap in Toronto and Cairo. Upon returning from Egypt, she opened Things from Egypt and the Back Wall Gallery, a small stop and gallery in downtown Takoma Park. Takoma artist Tuula Ehn-Smith was the manager. At the Covid pandemic shutdown in March 2020, as Takoma Park businesses became shuttered or their windows underused, Eleanor and Tuula organized the Takoma Artery to address the new reality and to provide display opportunities for local artists, many of whom were hard hit financially by the pandemic.


Things from Egypt and Beyond LLC currently sells the large inventory from the shop remaining since the shutdown. While Eleanor and Tuula participate with the Takoma Artery initiatives, displaying and advertising their own art and handicrafts, they devote most of their time with Takoma Artery initiatives, coordinating opportunities for Takoma Artery artists to display their art and handicrafts.

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