Felicia Reed

About the Artist

I am a Volunteer and former exhibiting artist with Takoma Park Artery.  I create wet felted “Healing Wraps” using a traditional by-hand agitation technique with silk, wool, tree resins, essential oils, prayers, affirmations, and positive energy.  The Healing Wraps are wearable art designed to support the energy field of those in need or desire. They uplift those OVERCOMING abuse, trauma, illness, set ups/setbacks, grief, mental despair, negativity, and life transitions. They are used to promote healing with art, swaddling and are a modality to connect with others regarding unpleasant life ordeals. The Healing Wraps open dialogs related to wellness but also help to fuse thoughts and words on equality, global issues, worldwide healing techniques and traditions, and social dilemmas.  They are an answer to a HEALING prayer and have been shared with many as a survivor of harm. The Healing Wraps have won art awards, been on display in galleries, museums,wellness centers, coaching and support settings, and other venues nationally and have been symbols of healing and equality during the past unprecedented years. They are used by all genders. The Healing Wraps have proven to be highly effectiveand are enjoyed by those who experience their intent."

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