Janice Levitt Mosaics

About the Artist

Nature and Art do similar things for me. Both stop me in my tracks and bring me into the magnificence of the present moment. I am an adventurer, captivated by the beauty of the land, and always by the Light. Whenever I can, I forage for materials to use in my mosaic work. I love finding slate, stone, bark, pebbles, and other natural materials outdoors. I also have an interest in reusing materials that have a previous life, and often use ceramic, glass, or rusty bits alongside precious materials like smalti (a handmade opaque glass). I am a materials person and love to create texture and tell a story with the materials I use. I hope my work invites the viewer to pause and linger, to connect with something deeper.


I create contemporary mosaic art work as well as mosaic jewelry. I live and work in Takoma Park and welcome studio visits by appointment. Gifts and commissions available.

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