Julius Kassovic

About the Artist

Sligo Creek is my major muse. I have been photographing it, up close and personal, since 2005. I hadn’t intended to make it such a long-term project, but while Sligo Creek may be just another somewhat polluted urban stream, it is also more complex and beautiful than it seems at first glance. I do the kind of photography you can’t do with dry feet–I tend to see and shoot close up, sometimes with my lens almost in the water, looking for reflections of skies, clouds, trees, bushes, and even buildings; looking for leaves floating by amidst grasses, algae and pond scum. I do not set up any of my photographs; I prefer to find what the creek has arranged. I do not alter my photographs by double exposures or digital invention. While I do post-process my raw files, it is to make them look as vivid on paper as I remembered seeing them on water.


I have exhibited my photographs of Sligo Creek from Annapolis to New York and Los Angeles, and from Budapest to Barcelona. They have also been printed in the photographic journal LensWork.

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