Melody's Cadence

About the Artist

Eugina M. Becton is a self-taught artist who has always felt a strong connection to creativity. A profound experience in 2021 gave Eugina a burning desire to reclaim her individuality, freedom, and artistic expression. Working primarily with acrylic paint on canvas she creates intuitively with curiosity and wonderment. Void of limitations and societal constraints. Painting has evolved over the last two years into a calming practice that soothes her inner child and sparks creativity. Eugina’s work is largely influenced by her love of flowers, vibrant hues, spirituality, inner child, and the courage to begin again.


Takoma is no stranger to Eugina. In 1998 her family established roots here. In the face of change and development, Takoma remains true to its values: inclusion and community. This is evident in the variety of local businesses, residents, markets, and even pets! Takoma’s sense of belonging and acceptance emulates her most intimate space, home. Currently, she is embracing her artistry, growing in motherhood, and reemerging in new spaces.

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