Nadya Makes Art

About the Artist

Art has always had a place in my heart but I didn't truly dive into painting and mixed media until the pandemic year when I enrolled in a 1 year online art program called the Milan Art Institute. I worked my way through the curriculum improving my drawing and painting skills through a number of assignments and then beginning to experiment with new materials to discover my artistic voice.


My art explores themes that are deeply personal to me. My current focus is on exploring intergenerational trauma, and especially how it impacts the mother/child relationship. More broadly I seek to convey strong emotion in my work and do not shy away from the real drama and tragedy we all experience in our lives.


What draws me to mixed media is how tactile it is and how different materials interact with each other. I think the themes of the human psyche which my work revolves around also has a lot of depth and layers, which you see in my mixed media work where you have paint on top of modeling paste on top of collage and you can many times see all those layers when you look at the painting. As human beings all of us have many layers and so my paintings reflect this. - Nadya Babich

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