Patrick Paulus

About the Artist

Does an artist need a benefactor? Does a diplomat need a nation? These questions and others may be among the contemplations that avant-disco music director and writer Patrick Paulus sought answers to, when traveling from Takoma Park to Havana in March 2023, in support of the Cuban people. With his new photography book, curiously titled, “Banana Wine”, he chronicles a pilgrimage to provide 'artist development aid' to poets living in the pearl of the Caribbean. Half organizational consulting, half performance art, Paulus' volunteer work transcends the confines of institutional labeling, encompassing both a tolerance for cultural differences, and a reverence for untold perspectives, with the intention of understanding, and accommodating, the needs of art workers serving in modern day Cuba. Capturing some familiarities — and peculiarities, the 43 images in the collection include world-class black and white photographs that, at times, evoke more mystery than they dispel.


Limited edition hardcover copies of Banana Wine available by request.

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