Susannafineart and Design

About the Artist

Susanna is s a self taught artist and was one of the original members of the Takoma Artist Guild in the 1980s. She has resided in Takoma Park since 1977. Raised in Zurich, Switzerland she completed a 4 year apprenticeship in intaglio photo-retouching, . At the time scanners were not used yet in the printing process and all color corrections were done by hand on black and white film, representing yellow, cyan, magenta and black. In 1977 she moved to the United States where she continued working at a printing company. Around that time she also started painting with watercolors and exhibited at local galleries, street fairs and craft stores. She produced a number of commissioned portraits. From 1996 until 2022 Susanna worked as a registered nurse and her art took a backseat. But art was never far from her mind and she continued practicing whenever she found time. Presently she is rebuilding her art career, is the owner of a print on demand website and is showing her work at local venues.

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