Suzanne A Bartlett

About the Artist

Suzanne Bartlett is best known for her heavily sculptural, textile paintings and assemblages of vintage quilts and dresses, paper, castings, lace and antique pattern. Tissue are combined to evoke women's work themes of survival. Treasures and talismans are collected and assembled in layers to sculpturally tell the story, carefully, exposing stitches, instructions, and handmade elements that were the history of women's work. Beauty belies the labor, buried in it, the never ending mending of traditional craft forms.


Recently, I've been working on a forest women's series, using photographic images of collected dresses, super imposed in nature settings. I add painted lines to enhance the ethereal qualities, give voice to the forgotten women and name the anonymous.


I graduated From Lehigh University with a bachelors degree in art and architecture in 1998 at the age of 40. I've always been an artist; working in interior design product design, silkscreening, advertising retail buying and newspaper. I now live in the Artspace complex in Silver Spring, in my studio and I create every day.

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