About the Artist

I am a lawyer, momma, and artist living in Takoma Park, MD. I developed my love of drawing, illustrating, and painting from a young age, and though I wanted to go to art school, with dreams of becoming a fashion designer or museum curator, I ended up taking a liberal arts path and found myself in a career far away from the arts. I majored in Art and Anthropology at Amherst College, with a keen interest in Ancient Egyptian art, archaeology, and the depiction of women in mythology. After spending a semester studying in Cairo, Egypt in 2000, however, my interest in women’s rights and international law changed the course of my studies, and I ended up becoming a civil rights attorney. After graduating from the Washington School of Law in 2006, I found I had much less time to devote to my artwork, and suddenly found myself the mother to two amazing kiddos and a busy litigator. While my primary artistic medium has always been oil painting larger works, I have more recently (during the pandemic) tried using acrylic, mixed media, and including found or vintage frames and jewelry in my works. Due to size and space constraints of my basement art corner, and the busyness of life as a working mom, I moved to smaller works I could complete in more reasonable timeframes and focused more on my “crafty” creations, where I am happiest gluing, drawing, beading, and glittering.

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