About the Artist

I am a Maryland born multi-media artist primarily working in gouache and markers. I love doing anything related to art and making things, whether it be sewing, painting, sculpting, veganic farming, making jewelry or knitting. My work is primarily 2-d, though I'd love to branch into 3-D artwork. I love sustainability and using creative ways to deal with waste/recycled material, and how the average consumer can make smart, ethical choices behind what they consume, whether it be through food or fashion. For example 90% of my clothes are second-hand, and I don’t own a car. All of my work is vegan and cruelty free, from my paints to my brush soap to my watercolor paper. I am also aiming to produce more work using the materials I do already have, such as leftover paper, plastic, and labels. Lastly, I offer workshops on how to be a vegan artist, and how to contact manufacturers.

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