Yul d'UZ

About the Artist

My name is Yulia, I was born and raised in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. I design and make clothing and accessories from a traditional handwoven fabric called ikat. My business is called Yul d’Uz. Yulduz means star in Uzbek.


I made my first jackets in 2015 when we lived in Kyiv with the help of a local seamstress .My ikat pieces immediately caught people’s attention. Relatives, friends, and even strangers on the streets in Kyiv stopped me and asked me about my jackets. I soon had relatives and friends from Austria to Colorado wearing ikat jackets.


When I moved to the USA in 2017, I ordered more ikat from Uzbekistan and made my first collection of jackets. In 2018, I began promoting my business it in the DMV area. I lived in Takoma Park and joined a beautiful store called Things from Egypt and Beyond, where I found my first clients. Today, I have my jackets in three stores in the DMV area.


When I produce and sell my clothes, I want to tell the world about the traditions and culture of my country, about people living in Uzbekistan, but also, about the beauty and richness of my land. I also want to give women the opportunity to be elegant and stylish while sharing in a unique, centuries-old tradition from Central Asia. Yul d’Uz clients know that the coat they are wearing is one of a kind and are able to share the history of the material with all who stop and admire.

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