Takomaartery/ February 29, 2024/

I’ve always admired the creativity and workmanship of artists… their free expression, eagerness to explore, and skill sets. Unfortunately, none of which I possess.   Ten years ago, I met a woman artist who repurposed plastic market and department store bags into beautiful useful totes and handbags. It was an epiphany! I felt it important to share how beautiful functional

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EMT Finearts

Takomaartery/ October 12, 2023/

I studied at the Philadelphia College of Art and received my BFA at York University in Toronto. I was a successful Conceptual and Installation artist in the late 70s in Canada. After a significant hiatus as breadwinner for my family, I reopened my studio in 2018 in Takoma Park. In 2019, I completed a juried residency at Cuttyhunk, MA, as

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Suzanne A Bartlett

Takomaartery/ September 12, 2023/

Suzanne Bartlett is best known for her heavily sculptural, textile paintings and assemblages of vintage quilts and dresses, paper, castings, lace and antique pattern. Tissue are combined to evoke women’s work themes of survival. Treasures and talismans are collected and assembled in layers to sculpturally tell the story, carefully, exposing stitches, instructions, and handmade elements that were the history of

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Jeff Weiss

Takomaartery/ January 25, 2023/

I have been painting and drawing since 1972. My focus has always been eye movement across an image. I started digital image making in 1980, and I am fluent in many computer graphics apps. Paintings are acrylic, mostly on wood, with a few on canvas. 3 dimensional pieces are all on wood. Where noted, glazing is done in oils. Digital

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Davide Prete

Takomaartery/ November 21, 2022/

Born in Treviso, Italy, Davide was introduced to the art of metalsmithing by his father Alessandro and by the sculptor Toni Benetton. He studied jewelry and metalsmithing at the Institute of Art in Venice. In 2003, he obtained his degree in architecture at IUAV, Venice, Italy.   Davide worked in Italy as an architect for several architectural firms, especially with

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Janice Levitt Mosaics

Takomaartery/ September 11, 2022/

Nature and Art do similar things for me. Both stop me in my tracks and bring me into the magnificence of the present moment. I am an adventurer, captivated by the beauty of the land, and always by the Light. Whenever I can, I forage for materials to use in my mosaic work. I love finding slate, stone, bark, pebbles,

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Kathy Bransford

Takomaartery/ September 5, 2022/

I have been working in enamel for about 30 years and was the member of The Enamelists Gallery at the Torpedo Factory Art Center for 24 years. I currently enjoy living in Takoma. In the past I have had shows about the use of recycled items.


Takomaartery/ April 6, 2022/

I am a Takoma Park artist that focuses on creating layered, expressive images. I find inspiration in nature, literature, and the arts, and have been creating art out of cut paper since 2015. I create art in the evenings and on weekends when allowed by my cats. – Randall Williams

Alice Sims

Takomaartery/ April 6, 2022/

I have been an artist all my life. I have lived in Takoma Park for 32 years and was the first Exhibitions Director for the Community Center art galleries. I was president of Takoma Artists Guild for many years. I started a nonprofit called Art For The People and held classes and organized public art projects. These Community Projects include

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