John Yao

Takomaartery/ July 1, 2022/

John Yao has been making all sorts of art since he was a tot. He fell in love with oil paint and the art of the Impressionists and Post-Impressionist, which translated well to the landscapes of the Northeast, especially Upstate New York where he grew up. Now residing in Takoma Park, he hopes to share that love of nature and

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Nadya Makes Art

Takomaartery/ June 5, 2022/

Art has always had a place in my heart but I didn’t truly dive into painting and mixed media until the pandemic year when I enrolled in a 1 year online art program called the Milan Art Institute. I worked my way through the curriculum improving my drawing and painting skills through a number of assignments and then beginning to

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Karin Edgett

Takomaartery/ May 19, 2022/

I am a contemplative artist working with symbols, words, and nature, in particular flowers. My work is created to be transformative ~ to assist in an energetic or spiritual shift. Works in the past few years have concentrated on the inner consciousness of flowers and the concepts of infiity. I live and work in Washington DC.

Will’s Concrete Garden

Takomaartery/ May 4, 2022/

With a 90’s graffiti and cartooning style, Andrew Stephen Williams repaints the Gospels with the intentions of spreading Gods word. The 90’s color scheme and 90’s vibes, gives the viewer a sense of Saturday morning nostalgia.

A.B. Griffin

Takomaartery/ April 26, 2022/

A.B. Griffin is an American artist living and working in Maryland. Griffin moved to the Takoma Park area in winter 2021, and has a home and studio here.   Works are completed as large scale canvas paintings and unique digital paintings, using color and texture to establish contrast and form.

Jay Akita

Takomaartery/ April 11, 2022/

As an artist, Akita draws inspiration from multiple channels, from the societal love of pop culture and celebrity to his personal love of the horror genre in both written and film mediums, to the music subgenres of Phonk and Chopped & Screwed when creating a color palette. When it comes to his visuals, developing a backstory is integral to creating

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Molly Fitzgerald

Takomaartery/ April 6, 2022/

I’m a Takoma Artery artist and frequently visits various favorite shops and restaurants in Takoma Park. I mostly paint with acrylics and gouache favoring a vibrant palette with heavily saturated contrasting hues that aim to ‘pop.’ I sometimes integrate mixed media – paper, or wood pieces, on wood. Although wood boards are a favorite surface, I sometimes use, as my

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Takomaartery/ April 6, 2022/

I am a Takoma Park artist that focuses on creating layered, expressive images. I find inspiration in nature, literature, and the arts, and have been creating art out of cut paper since 2015. I create art in the evenings and on weekends when allowed by my cats. – Randall Williams

Alice Sims

Takomaartery/ April 6, 2022/

I have been an artist all my life. I have lived in Takoma Park for 32 years and was the first Exhibitions Director for the Community Center art galleries. I was president of Takoma Artists Guild for many years. I started a nonprofit called Art For The People and held classes and organized public art projects. These Community Projects include

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Stephanie Ney

Takomaartery/ April 6, 2022/

Stephanie Ney is an artist and teacher who lives and works in Takoma Park, MD. She is a graduate of the Cooper Union in New York City where she earned a BFA and also a graduate of  the University of Maryland, College Park, where she earned an MFA.   She has developed and taught art programs at the Smithsonian Associates

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