EMT Finearts

Takomaartery/ October 12, 2023/

I studied at the Philadelphia College of Art and received my BFA at York University in Toronto. I was a successful Conceptual and Installation artist in the late 70s in Canada. After a significant hiatus as breadwinner for my family, I reopened my studio in 2018 in Takoma Park. In 2019, I completed a juried residency at Cuttyhunk, MA, as

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Susannafineart and Design

Takomaartery/ October 12, 2023/

Susanna is s a self taught artist and was one of the original members of the Takoma Artist Guild in the 1980s. She has resided in Takoma Park since 1977. Raised in Zurich, Switzerland she completed a 4 year apprenticeship in intaglio photo-retouching, . At the time scanners were not used yet in the printing process and all color corrections

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Suzanne A Bartlett

Takomaartery/ September 12, 2023/

Suzanne Bartlett is best known for her heavily sculptural, textile paintings and assemblages of vintage quilts and dresses, paper, castings, lace and antique pattern. Tissue are combined to evoke women’s work themes of survival. Treasures and talismans are collected and assembled in layers to sculpturally tell the story, carefully, exposing stitches, instructions, and handmade elements that were the history of

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Melody’s Cadence

Takomaartery/ August 16, 2023/

Eugina M. Becton is a self-taught artist who has always felt a strong connection to creativity. A profound experience in 2021 gave Eugina a burning desire to reclaim her individuality, freedom, and artistic expression. Working primarily with acrylic paint on canvas she creates intuitively with curiosity and wonderment. Void of limitations and societal constraints. Painting has evolved over the last

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Li Howard

Takomaartery/ February 17, 2023/

Li Howard is a Takoma Park painter, printmaker and graphic designer. She is especially attracted to forgotten old places, toys and vehicles.

Jeff Weiss

Takomaartery/ January 25, 2023/

I have been painting and drawing since 1972. My focus has always been eye movement across an image. I started digital image making in 1980, and I am fluent in many computer graphics apps. Paintings are acrylic, mostly on wood, with a few on canvas. 3 dimensional pieces are all on wood. Where noted, glazing is done in oils. Digital

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Takomaartery/ December 2, 2022/

My name is Kala Wright and mixed media is my favorite form of expression. My medium of choice is paper and my method is collage (or “Kalage” as I like to call it : ) My intention, whether with color, texture or experience is to create tangible joy and I have been creating it in some form or another for

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John Yao

Takomaartery/ July 1, 2022/

John Yao has been making all sorts of art since he was a tot. He fell in love with oil paint and the art of the Impressionists and Post-Impressionist, which translated well to the landscapes of the Northeast, especially Upstate New York where he grew up. Now residing in Takoma Park, he hopes to share that love of nature and

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Nadya Makes Art

Takomaartery/ June 5, 2022/

Nadya Babich is an emerging local artist located in Silver Spring, Maryland whose abstract creations eloquently express resilience, depth, intimacy, and wonder. Born in Siberia, Nadya’s artistic journey has been shaped by a series of relocations and a constant search for identity. Leaving her home country at a young age, she found herself grappling with the challenges of cultural assimilation

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Karin Edgett

Takomaartery/ May 19, 2022/

I am a contemplative artist working with symbols, words, and nature, in particular flowers. My work is created to be transformative ~ to assist in an energetic or spiritual shift. Works in the past few years have concentrated on the inner consciousness of flowers and the concepts of infiity. I live and work in Washington DC.